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Reflexology is a therapeutic method using the feet, with the feet acting as a reflection of the whole body
Massage is an extremely popular treatment and is the manipulation of body tissues, such as muscle and fascia, for therapeutic purposes. There are various types of massage
I offer "Therapeutic massage" inc - 

Myofascial Release - a 3 dimensional application of techniques using pressure and movement to aid in releasing the myofascial, helping to eliminate fascial restrictions.
Advanced Remedial and Sports Massage - a skilled, manual and therapeutic application of soft tissue manipulative techniques.   
Therapeutic Ultrasound, sound wave therapy, which can be incorporated within a massage treatment when appropriate.
Reiki is healing energy. The word "Reiki" is Japanese and means "Universal Life Force Energy"
Energetic Cellular Healing is another form of energy healing where I intuitively open up to the energies needed to benefit the person I am working with, and in which I use techniques that work deeply, at a cellular level

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