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Reiki is healing energy. The word "Reiki" is Japanese and means "Universal Life Force Energy". It is said to be first developed between the late 1800s and early 1900s by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui who died in 1926. It was only a few years after that it gradually came over to the West and has, and is being used to act as a preventative health care and relaxation tool and treat a variety of bodily imbalances. By running Reiki energy through a persons energy field any blockages that are there can start to be released. During a hands on treatment we place our hands in the persons energy field (this can either be a light touch on the physical body or a placing of hands in the surrounding energy field, either are non-invasive). The energy runs through their energy system and goes to where it is needed. Bit by bit it begins to work on the areas that are needed, to help clear the field and bring about positive change. As well as helping to clear blockages, it is also good for preventing the build up of blockages, so you do not have to be ill to benefit.
Energetic Cellular Healing is another form of energy healing where I intuitively open up to the energies needed to benefit the person I am working with, and in which I use techniques that work deeply, at a cellular level. Our physical body is made up of millions and trillions of cells, and our energy field penetrates down in to these cells. Each cell carries the expressions of our consciousness and our life experiences, negative and positive. Some negative experiences can have more of an impact on a persons health than others, but also a series of experiences that they have had, which may `seem not too bad` on the mental level, can in fact be causing many imbalances within the energy field. During the treatment I bring these areas to light, by energetically connecting deeply to my client, and I work on clearing them. I do this by either placing my hands gently on the client or in their surrounding energy field and I listen to what the energy needs. Some process work maybe involved in which I talk to the client about their experiences, which can bring awareness and start the process of change. I received my training at Tjitze de Jong Energetic Cellular Healing School. Tjitze is an advanced graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and author of the book "Cancer, a Healer`s Perspective".
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